Computer Architecture and
Power Aware Systems Research Group


Welcome to the home page of CAPS: Computer Architecture and Power Aware Systems Research Group at SUNY- Binghamton. Our group investigates techniques at the microarchitectural, systems and circuits level for improving the performance, energy-efficiency and reliability modern microprocessors and memory systems.

Our research efforts are mainly directed at:

  • Improvement of the energy efficiency and overall performance of high end microprocessors and cache memory systems using microarchitectural and/or circuit level techniques.
  • Development of models and tools for accurate power and performance estimation of processors and memory systems. Development of tools for system-level power estimation of embedded real-time systems.
  • Investigations of microarchitectural techniques for improving the performance of multithreaded processors, multi-core processors and trace-based processors.
  • Investigations of techniques for coping with soft errors and process variations in high-performance processors.
  • Spot cooling techniques for high-end microprocessors and stacked dies using microchannels.
  • System/kernel level techniques for improving the energy efficiency of servers and data centers.

Please look at our publications page for some relevant papers. We use the Cadence VLSI Design tools and the Simics simultion environment for some of our research work.


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